Heart of the Matter Events

Later this month, on March 30th, I’ll be in Cambridge, MA to participate in a day-long series of conversations at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, capped by a talk by the brilliant Danielle Allen from Harvard entitled “The Humanities and the Rise of the Terabytes.”

Dr. Allen’s address (and the events preceding it that day) are part of an initiative this spring co-sponsored by the Academy and the National Humanities Center celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Academy’s Heart of the Matter report. These events reflect on the state of the humanities in the decade since the report was originally published and consider the decade to come.

After traveling to Cambridge, I’ll be back in the Research Triangle Park for the concluding events in this series. I’m delighted to be moderating a panel on April 4th at the National Humanities Center featuring acclaimed writer Amitav Ghosh, distinguished historian Nancy MacLean, and the wonderful new chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Shelly Lowe, discussing the vital importance of “Planning Inclusive Futures.”

Later that evening, Amitav Ghosh will be delivering a talk at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library on the campus of North Carolina State University in which he poses the question “Can the Non-Human Speak?