Taking Time With The Flowers (and Their Kin)

Today is the 53rd annual Earth Day which is being celebrated in nearly 200 countries around the world.

I encourage you to join me in celebrating by taking a moment to appreciate some of the wondrous beauty that we so often take for granted and then reflect on ways that you can #InvestInOurPlanet. If you need ideas, there are some great ones at EarthDay.org.

For a little added inspiration, here are a few images of flowers that have been blooming the past two weeks here in Durham as well as a poem of mine that speaks to the spirit of celebration and preservation Earth Day embodies.


Maybe it holds the house up
with its purple mitts
they dab the scent that wafts and sprawls

Until bees murmuring in steady delight
load sweet cargo on their thickened legs
then launch like boxers crouched in flight
to lather hives with paste and praise